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Spirit & Life World Ministries Church

Ministry Training Institute

2024 CLASS

Thursday Students March - June 2024
7:00 PM (MST) (1HR.) VIA ZOOM

Saturday Students March - June 2024 
10:00 AM (MST) (1HR.) VIA ZOOM

Must Attend All Classes
Need 80 Points or Higher to Graduate

The Minister’s & Pastor's Class (Syllabus)

Course Description:

This class emphasis the demonstration of:

* Biblical Responsibility and Accountability 

* Kingdom Leadership 

* Expository Preaching and Teaching

* Ministry Expectations and Duties

* Kingdom Character and Ethics

* Ministry Risk Management

* Conflict Resolution

* The Function of the 5-Fold Ministry

* Ministry Goal Setting

* Spiritual Warfare

* Prayer & Fasting

* The Great Commission - Evangelism and Discipleship

* Orthodoxy vs. Orthopraxy

* Biblical Timelines & History

Objective: As a result of this class you will be able to:

● Demonstrate Biblical Responsibility and Accountability in the public and private sector
● Effectively Perform Leadership abilities in ministry and beyond the 4 walls
● Conduct Risk Assessments to ensure the Ministry never suffers loss
● Engage in Evangelism and Discipleship in the 21 Century
● Explain and Demonstrate the duties of the 5-Fold Ministry
● Engage in Spiritual Warfare concerning your personal and public life and concerning
others as well as Understand Orthodoxy vs. Orthopraxy and Biblical Timelines & History
● Teach and Demonstrate Kingdom Character and Ethics
● Conduct Ministry Goal Setting strategies to reach solutions and/or objectives
● Effectively Teach and Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
● Conduct Conflict Resolution Strategies as a contingency plan to address unresolved
issues in ministry
● Identify and Complete Ministry Expectations and Duties within the Ministry
● Engage in Prayer & Fasting as a daily practice and conviction due to the call on your life

Requirements for the Class (Please Read)

● Must have a computer, laptop, tablet, iphone etc. to login via Zoom for class.
● Must have an email address. Please sign-in to the class 24 hours before the first day of
class by sending a message to my email listed below. Send a message that says “Hi My
Name is______” and provide a brief Bio and reason for attending this class.
● Please share any challenges you might run into during ministry training asap that might
prevent you from completing this course.
● Please have a Bible, Word Software and Research Tools (e.g. the internet) to complete
this course.


Join Us In Prayer Every Tuesday Night @ 8pm. For more details email:

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